“Realebooks” Created by Families

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a school on the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation in Arizona, along with a delegation of Better World Books & National Center for Family Literacy staff. We were lucky to see firsthand some of the fantastic “Realebooks” created by families participating in the FACE program.

realebook2.jpgThe book project is a wonderful component of the FACE (Family And Child Education) program, sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Education & the National Center for Family Literacy. One program at the realebook1.jpgSioux Nation in South Dakota won an award for their participation.

These covers are examples of books created at 9 FACE programs across the country – visit the Bureau of Indian Education’s Realelibrary page to flip through over 50 of these handmade books.

Stay tuned for more postings about our experience at the Santa Rosa school!

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