Better World Books on CNN Today (2-Jul), Saturday (4-Jul), and Sunday (5-Jul)

bwb-cnnJust learned Better World Books will be featured repeatedly on CNN today and this weekend. Check it out during the shows that air at one of these times (all times are EDT). Please pass it on!

Thursday 2-Jul: 8:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p
Saturday 4-Jul: 7:00p, 10:00p, 1:00a
Sunday 5-Jul: 6:00a

Thursday 2-Jul: 12:00p, 2:00p, 4:00p
Saturday 4-Jul: 6:00p
Sunday 5-Jul: 6:00p

Update 12:35pm: Watch It Now:


  1. Dr. Hassert says:

    I am a college professor and have been ordering used texts for my professional use from Better World Books via Amazon for many years. They always have good prices, the texts are usually former library books in excellent shape, and they get here quickly. I agree with the previous comment: They do something well and they do good.

  2. jJaymme Morgan-Major says:

    Jaymme Jan19,2011

    Better World has been good to me. Great prices, wide selection of books,and great customer service.

    Everything I have ordered has arrived in a timely fashion and the condition of the books was either as described or better. This is not a chain store these people cannot expect to find EVERY book they want to be in stock all the time–and all for $10.00

  3. I always check BWB for uni textbooks.. Always cheaper, love that 2ndhand is an option, great selection. Love BWB and keep it up! Kathryn

  4. Just a note:

    University libraries are different from public libraries with regard to retention policies. Whether or not a book is “in demand” is usually very low on the list of criteria. Typically subject specialists review an item under consideration for removal for the permanence of its information, importance to the mission of their particular institution, and availability in consortial institutions.

    Take an example — a deep, scholarly history of the Cuban revolution, published in an edition of 500 in 1976 and never reprinted. It’s possible that it won’t be used for ten, twenty years or more — but the information in it will be “current” forever, and its rarity would demand retention.

    Scholars in many disciplines travel thousands of miles to consult books and manuscripts a thousand years old and more. This is why libraries demand books on paper meeting ANSI standards for permanence (won’t ever turn brittle).

    Finally of course there is the digitization issue. That’s very tricky and again it depends in large part on the importance, rarity, or whatever that lends the print copy special value as a physical artifact — if the information in it is not unique, or was only of ephemeral value to begin with, very often they will sell/give away/toss items as soon as they are safely online. Safely, as in at the Library of Congress, British Library, Internet Archive, etc. — not just on Bob’s hard drive.

    Many students believe that “everything is online” already and there is no longer any need to consult dusty old tomes. We are nowhere near that yet — but that historic transition is underway. With the Internet (etc.) now we are socially in a position very similar to people in the decades following the invention of the printing press. When the dust settles, most information-related activities will happen in a very different way from 1989 and even from today.

  5. Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate that I can purchase low cost educational and leisure reading material while simultaneously contributing to the worlds illiteracy and low-literacy solution. You guys totally make my day.

  6. Once books are sold by a retail store and go into circulation they end up being thrown away or dumped in charity shops who get overwhelmed. A book may go out of print or become obsolete yet its contents remain completely relevant especially with technical text books.
    What is wrong with re-selling a second-hand book especially when it is one you have been searching for for a long time and usually given up on? It’s a brilliant idea, and the original retailer still got his percentage.

  7. Ahhh..!! What’s the point? Even if they are a scam and they give a measly 6 percent to charity organizations. What’s the point, when the blog is an open forum that is filled with either BWB employees or BWB interns who comment against every actual sincere comment? BWB kudos, on having a really smart idea and running with it.. Collecting books from rich naive kids who don’t sell it on their own and selling it for almost an incredible profit…! That too on the pretense of helping poor kids out.. I mean how much can you advertise poor African kids to sell books you’ve got for free.. Anyways.. Congratulations!

  8. I have ordered almost 2 dozen books from BWB since I came across this site two weeks ago! I love the fact that BWB is doing something for others, and for giving me the chance to participate in their efforts to provide funds for literacy projects or to keep books out of landfills. And, I certainly can’t complain about the low prices, free shipping, quick delivery. My husband asked for biographies for his birthday – at BWB I found used hardcover ones for $3.98, so I was able to purchase several for the price of a single new one ($25 up). By the way, his favorites are by David McCullough and Vincent Cronin. Keep up the good work, BWB.

  9. I have been buying books from BWB for quite some time now and have never had the slightest problem with them. In fact, i am surprised at how efficient their service is and they always do a follow up to make sure you recieved your books in a timely manner. They also let people know if there are problems with deliveries in certain areas so you can’t fault them here. I think their service benifits everyone and helps poorer countries where such commodities would not become possible for so many. Thumbs up to you BWB and keep up the great work you are doing.

  10. I don’t work for BWB or live near them to check up on them and know if they give to other countries the way they say – that is up to them to live up to their claims. But I can “ditto” so much of the positive experiences others have written about here. I home school my son and check the site regularly for specific books I need and keep checking until I find the book at a price I am willing to pay. I know I have saved so much over other companies. I have never had a problem or issue with them and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the free shipping. Companies have to make a profit or they go out of business and people don’t have jobs. Americans need to “wake up” and get real about how an economy works. Non-profits have their place, but for-profit companies are a necessity if we are going to survive as a country. The spotlight is on BWB right now and there will be complainers. BWB is in business to make money and that is the way it should be. Doing business with them is a good deal for me and I will keep using them. If it is not a good deal for you then don’t use them! (But, at least from my experience, I doubt that will be the case.)

  11. What’s wrong with all you Socialists posting on this site? I would much rather see a sustainable business model that is socially responsible and making a profit than a non-profit that must rely on donations or it will go out of “business”. Many “non-profit” organizations actually give less to charity (on a percentage basis) than BWB does. Keep up the good work BWB. I hope you make enough money to stay in business for a very long time.

  12. I AGREE BWB ROCKS!! I’ve been buying from BWB for over 5 years and I will support you for many years to come. I think the work you do is honorable and there is always someone who has something negative to say regardless of the validity. (I purchase from you and feel I’ve helped a little bit myself.) Keep up the good work!

  13. charles vesper says:

    charles vesper-December 9,2011
    I just received 6 books on digital photography for $21.00. Books are in excellent shape, they sell new for $10-20. I have already called and passed the word onto two other book nuts of my aquaintance.

  14. You guys are the best!!! We have used your site for many years and have never been dissatisfied with price, delivery speed, quality. Those who complain are usually complainers in many facets of their lives and most usually never are involved with helping others.They are often narcissistic and want everyone to do everything for them.
    We will be returning to Africa in another 4 weeks to donate 3 weeks of time to helping others. We;ve buit a K-12 school and have been equipping its library with books for several years. You are the best!!!
    Please keep up the good work and let those who complain go somewhere else.
    Jean and Garrett M

  15. As a school teacher in California, I am thrilled to find BWB!

    Even though our state keeps on slashing education funding, school districts do acquire new textbooks all the time. The 5-10 year old books are usually returned to the district warehouse where they might be used at another school… or get sold online (if there is an employee with the time to do so)… or gather dust for several years before being (sadly) tossed in the dumpster.

    Our school has been reluctantly storing a large number of perfectly good “outdated” texts and elementary readers. We had to get rid of them to make space, and no one wants them. We have tried putting them out in “free boxes” for any local resident to use, but hardly anyone takes them. I’ve personally spent hours searching online for a site that will buy these used texts, to earn a bit of money for the school, to no avail. I could donate them to the local Goodwill, they’ll maybe find some shelf space for them, no one would buy them, and eventually they’d get tossed in the dumpster.

    BWB has a large market exposure and a vast distribution network. That will hopefully enable someone who wants my old books to find them.

    Books filling up landfills is an awful thought for a teacher! Anything would be better than that! So to donate these books to BWB, with free printable shipping labels, is a fantastic option!

    OF COURSE I wish I had the time, money, and expertise to directly ship boxes of random books, at my own expense, to the precise schools in rural Africa or Asia that needed those titles. Most of us could never pull that off ourselves, and so BWB seems like the next best thing. They make a profit, donate some texts directly overseas, and give substantial financial support to worthy organizations.

    Why are a few people freaking out that they make a profit on our old books? …that is MUCH better than filling up dumpsters! Would they rather see tons and tons of books in the landfill? I hope they do make money on our books, and continue to be a huge profitable business with a very high rating for corporate giving.

    I am grateful that BWB exists, and will continue to ship our unwanted texts to them.

  16. Books need not go into dumpsters. Libraries CAN make the space for free books.

    A close examination of BWB, (I abbreviate because writing their name nauseates me), is worth doing.

    There are people who would purchase from the most heinous criminal if only the price is right. Some of the comments here indicate that the sole determiner is price.

    BWB exudes a cult-like appearance. All happy, all good, nothing wrong. all for good. It is unnerving.

    BWB is not above placing a book on sale abroad, taking the currency exchange rate, but the book is housed, and is shipped, from within the U.S. Maybe that’s legal.

    Take a good look at BWB. Take a good look about what you value and who and what you are willing to support. Take a look at profits.

  17. I purchased hardcover books for my school library from BWB. Most came already covered with mylar and were in new or good condition. I was able to purchase 118 books for $400. That comes to about $3 a book with no shipping. With no library budget to expand our school library I am able to still expand my collection significantly with little money.

    From the other side of it, most public libraries have an enormous volume of donated and surplussed books. BWB allows to manage the immense number of donations. I was at my public library yesterday and they have had to rent mobile storage for the overflow of donations and surplus. It is great that our community is so generous, but still poses challenges to manage the abundance.

    If kids in Africa are also able to benefit, all the better. I am not really getting where the rub is with this company. They don’t give all their profits to charity so it is bad? They are providing a service to those that donate, a service to those who purchase, a service to their employees, and a service to people who have needs greater than those of us who are fortunate enough to live where people who have too many books to manage can even imagine…Oh the horror! They must be stopped!

  18. To JR…
    What libraries are these, in particular, that CAN, make space for free books? All of the libraries that I have been to here in Australia, (major and minor libraries over three states), are so overwhelmed, that they are spending library funds – which could be used to much better purpose – on the management of overflow.
    Are you gonna hire a fleet of trucks and take them away, and have them shipped to wherever they’ll do the most good? I’d be glad to see it.
    I purchase in American dollars, and am aware of what the exchange rate is… BWB does not make money from this. Any extra charges are from your bank or other financial institution, or even your payment gateway. What exactly do you think that BWB are pocketing? I think you have a limited understanding of the way currency exchange works. Please Explain.
    As it all pans out, none of this discussion is necessary… If you don’t like what you see then don’t buy it. You have a choice.
    As for the people who don’t like to read small print… what kind of person are you? If you don’t read small print, you will get stung every time. It is there for a reason, read it. If it’s too small then buy reading glasses, as you will need these for other things like looking at dates on catalogues, etc etc. Are you the kind of F**L who starts putting the electrics together without having read the instructions thoroughly?
    If so, you will be shocked. Simple.
    I was never under any Illusions about what BWB are, or what they do. I went to the website and I did this useful thing called reading. If you are under a false impression, it may be because you failed to do this.
    My advice?
    Don’t sign anything.

  19. I don’t get the criticism. I am an avid reader and was about going broke ordering from Amazon et al, where, even buying used books the shipping was eating me alive! I love BWB, have been ordering from them for about 2 years, never had a problem andthey support literacy and keep books from the dumpsters. By the way, my local library has book sales about twice a year and I go to those, too. Whatever % they donate is more than would done if they went out of business. You go, BWB

  20. Janet Summers says:

    It’s all Greek to me!
    Reading is a joy! Without BetterWorld I would be
    without books to read. english is my native language and I live in Greece where books in English are hard to find and very expensive to order, sometimes the shipping is more than the cost of the book. I know there are others living in foreign lands that depend on BetterWorld for their books. After reading what I could find for 15 years I now read what I want to read since finding BetterWorld! THANKS FOR KEEPING ME SANE!!!

  21. Elizabeth-Anne says:

    I do not care who makes a profit. With my extremely limited means, BWB is a god-send.

    They sell so many hard to find books at very low prices, with free shipping, no tax, and when my mother passed away in 2010 and I could not sell her 400 dvds for a dime, they happily took them all off my hands and paid for the shipping.

    Just saying ………….

  22. BBW is the best. I’ve been ordering from them for years. I have always had the best customer service une could ask for. I once ordered a book that was advertised as in good condition. When it arrived, it was more like “fair” condition. I called and they immediately credited my card and told me to keep the book. sometimes S & H can cost as much as the book these days. At BWB, shipping is always FREE. Keep the great work. I’m getting up a big domation of books now.

  23. I wish when we purchased our books, we could state where we would like the donation to go to. Everyone, and so many charities go out to other countries, when we need it here so desperately. We need to support the US, and help make it stronger again.

  24. I love BWB, I live in Israel and get the books shipped for free and quickly. I’ve bought used books and they’ve always been in as good or better condition than advertised. And due to the recycling of books, I find books I can’t get elsewhere, some of which I’d been searching for for a long time before I found BWB.

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