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(Update 8-11-2009: Congratulations to @rotemu, our first place winner! Enjoy your Year of Books!)
(Update 8-12-2009: Congratulations to our 2nd place winners: @whendrinksmix, @gabbytmb, @45thParallelism, @Calig_Kela, @fartsyarts, @TsarLeo, @Nimue23, @kinfolknews, and @ygor!)

The Year of Books contest begins today!  Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @BWBooks on Twitter.
  2. Tweet this (Click here or copy & paste the following into Twitter):

I just entered the @BWBooks “Year of Books” Contest. I can win a year’s supply of books (and more)! ( #bwbcontest

The randomly-selected Winner will receive:

  • Free Books for a Year!tweet4books2
    This will be in the form of one $20 gift certificate code emailed once a month.  You can use this toward anything we sell on the website, including the Bargain Bin (Since the Bin allows you to get 5 books for $15, you could get 80 Bargain Bin books over the course of the year!).
  • Tote Bag
    This is how you carry your plethora of books.  It’s sturdy, structurally sound, and reduces arm-strain.
  • Better World Books T-shirt
    Your choice of our “Please Read Responsibly” or “Well Read” shirts in mens or ladies.  This covers your body while you read your plethora of books, and protects you from drafts of cold air.

2nd through 10th place Winners will receive:

  • One $10 Gift Certificate
  • Tote Bag
  • Better World Books T-shirttweet4books_shirts

Don’t forget to Follow @BWBooks on Twitter once you’ve tweeted the message so that we can Direct Message you and get your info.  Otherwise we’re, um,  contractually obligated to use your prizes ourselves… yeah.

The contest ends Friday, August 7th, at 11:59:59 PM, Pacific Time.

If you have any other questions about the contest, email us at

Here are some answers to questions people have been asking about the Year of Books drawing.

Q: Can I participate if I’m not in the U.S.?
A: Absolutely.  We ship to anywhere in the world.  Just remember that shipping is free in the U.S., and $3.97 per book outside the U.S.  The gift certificates the winner will receive are for $20 each month, so be sure to take that into account when ordering.

Q: Can I tweet more than once?
A: You can tweet the message up to once per day through August 7th.  Since we’re selecting a winner randomly, two tweets gives you better chances than one tweet.  But don’t go over your once-a-day limit, or your friends will throw tomatoes at you.

Q: How can I enter if I don’t use Twitter?
A: Twitterphobia is a common affliction that affects many internet users.  Symptoms include headaches, heavy sighs, shaking your fist in the air, and not knowing when your friends are eating lunch / walking their dogs / watching TV.  A known cure for this malady is to go to and spend 2 minutes creating an account, then referring to the instructions at the top of this blog post.  However, those diagnosed with Terminal Twitterphobia should keep watching for upcoming promotions in the near future! (*Cough-cough*-earlyseptember-*cough*)

Q: How will I know if I win?
A: If you’ve been randomly picked as the winner, we’ll send you a Direct Message via Twitter.  (Make sure you’ve Followed @BWBooks so we can message you.)

Q: Can I buy your sweet T-shirts from the site?
A: Not yet.  But stay tuned, we’re working on that.

Q: I was already following you on Twitter.  I still qualify for this contest, right?
A: Of course!

Q: Do I have to use my info on Twitter so you know who I am?
A: Nope!  We’ll Direct Message the winner via Twitter to get their info.

Q: Can I Tweet whatever I want and still qualify for the drawing?
A: No, you’ll have to post the exact message at the top of this post to be entered into the drawing.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. crossing fingers!

  3. How can I enter if I don’t twitter?

  4. What a great contest idea! Go Better World Books!

  5. Oh My God! This is so great!

  6. Thanks for the chance

  7. Lovely contest – and such a great company! :)

  8. Can we tweet the message more than once for more entries? Or is once the max?

  9. I just entered per instructions, thank-you for offering this, I would love to win books to donate to a charity called project night~night for children in need.

  10. Kate Davis says:


  11. Marcella Wright says:

    crossing fingers!

  12. Christine says:

    those t-shirts are great!

  13. Val Pearson says:

    You rock! Thanks for the contest!

  14. I have told every avid reader I know about Better World Books. What you do is awesome. Thanks for the great contest!

  15. Barbara Pringle says:

    Barbara Pringle-7?29?09 I don’t twitter how do I enter/

  16. Val Western says:

    I was also wondering how to enter if I can’t do Twitter???

  17. Yes, but why are there no links to shwag? What if I want to BUY a BWBooks T-shirt?

  18. Gah! Another contest promoting Twitter spam! No thank you. I’ll be avoiding your site in the future and recommending people do likewise.

  19. got you on tweet

  20. Great!
    Hope I can win and have the books in my country :)

  21. I like your sense of humour. I would feel “less nude” with one of your t-shirts on 😉

  22. life would be sweet with a free supply of stimulating literature!

  23. Great idea! I hope brazilian readers can receive the books!

  24. 20 books allowed onmy library ticket, heartbreaks everytime I have to take them back.. boo hoo

  25. great contest. crossing my fingers!

  26. Jessica Quinonez says:

    Let it be me – Thanks for the chance.

  27. Oh my God!!!! i just loove reading!! as soon as i saw this i said to myself “yep just have to enter” i will devour the words in those books i mean i do now with all my books =]

  28. Thank you for the opportunity to win lots of books! Have a wonderful day.

  29. Pick Me!!! Please?!!!!

  30. Good content for a great cause. Thanks, guys.

  31. This is great. I just added to my twitter.

  32. Avid readers paradise. Send me to book heaven!

  33. I was already following BWB. Will my tweets count for the contest? How can you direct message me?

  34. James Clark says:

    I need books. I’ve read all mine.

  35. betterworldbooks is awesome!!!

  36. ZachDaManiac says:

    Very cool! I just tweeted :).

  37. Go, bwb! you can never have enough books!!

  38. Me too! I agree w/ Patty. One can never ever have enough books!

  39. Thanks for the great giveaway! Love new books.

  40. Maree Peddell says:


  41. Lynne (nrgiza) says:

    Crossing my finger would love to win this contest
    Thanks BWB

  42. I always recommend BWB to all my friends for the best deals on books (free shipping!) and for a great cause to boot! Now, here is just another reason! Thanks for the great contest…hope I win!!!

  43. Karen Wildt says:

    How can I enter if I don’t Twitter? I would love to win free books for a year. I am a teacher at a High School for developmentally disabled inner city children and would love to have books in my classroom that they can read during free time, or take home to read on the weekends. Thank you BWB

  44. toni lamb says:

    does the winner have to pay the shipping on books
    they have won? i am in canada so that can get
    kinda expensive… otherwise, i think this is
    great. love your website and mission.
    god bless.

  45. Barbara Stilwell says:

    What a fantastic opportunity to have a steady flow of books to fulfill my passion for reading. I hope I win.

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