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Update 7/8/2010:  The 2010 contest is over.  Congrats to this years’ winners!

Lynne G from South Bend, IN (Facebook) and  @ilanastein from Johannesburg, South Africa (Twitter)

From Twitter:  @sweepscat713 – San Jose, CA, @akritical – Charlottesville, VA, @canaryred – Baltimore, MD, @synical – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, @dianadoll – Coarsegold, CA, @kkhoulden – Oak Ridge, NC, @jseniar – Enfield, NH, @rikostan – Rose, NY, @cmizerski – St. Clair Shores, MI.

And From Facebook: Desiy L. – Burnaby, Canada, Lydia S. – Jacksonville, FL, Jessica K. – Chantily, VA, Holly C. – Effort, PA, Meghan M. – Fridley, MN, Paulina A. – Bali, Indonesia, Kristen L. – Sanford, FL, Kimm G. – Ontario, Canada, Naga C. – Bangalore, India.

It’s back… the Better World Books “Year of Books” contest is back and better than ever!

How is it better, you ask?

1.  Well first of all it starts today, whereas last year’s contest Year of Booksis over.

2.  This year there will be 2 grand prize winners compared with only 1 lonely winner last year.  That’s twice the winners!  These lucky ducks will not only get a year of books, but they will also get a snazzy Better World Books t-shirt AND a fabulous Better World Books tote bag.

3.  But wait, there’s more… last year we had 9 second place winners… this year we’re doubling the fun and giving a whopping 18 second prizes which consist of one $10 Better World Books gift certificate, the snazzy BWB shirt and the fab BWB tote.

“Enough,” you may say, “I’m in. Now how the heck do I enter?”   Well this year we’re all about more.  Last year there was only one way to enter… this year there are two:

1. Follow Better World Books on Twitter and then click this link or copy and paste the following message to your Twitter followers to enter: “I just entered the @BWBooks ‘Year of Books’ Contest. I can win a year’s supply of books! (http://bit.ly/bwbyearofbooks) #bwbcontest”

2. Like Better World Books on Facebook and enter the Year of Books Sweepstakes. Fill out the required form and share the contest entry with your friends with the following message: “I just entered the Better World Books ‘Year of Books’ Contest. I can win a year’s supply of books!”  And guess what, for every friend you tell on Facebook that enters, you get an extra entry.

Have questions?  Need more info?  Check out our FAQ and the Terms & Conditions.

What are you still doing here?  Go enter.  The contest starts today – but you only have until the end of June to enter!

Good luck!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is your lucky year!  Okay go… go already!

  • Lynne G – South Bend, IN


  1. I don’t use stupid facebook or twitter because I’m too bloomin’ busy reading BOOKS. Where’s my competition? I need free books.

  2. mordechai parush says:

    Read the wall. #7, 17 … # 52. Junk the teeny bopper technology and open it to EVERYONE !

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  4. I agree with all the non Facebook posters who support Better World Books but feel the contest entry method is unfair. True it takes less then 5 minutes to join Facebook but I should not have to join a social network just to enter a contest.

  5. Thanks for the contest. My uncle’s birthday is getting nearer each day, and my brother and I are saving our allowance to but him a book.

    Anyway, I tweeted and joined the sweepstakes. I also invited some of my friends to join. I’m crossing my fingers.


  6. Yeah, I’m not into that time-wastin’ stuff, either. Why is it being constantly thrown into my face in the form of stuff I can’t get or enter? It’s not fair, really.

  7. Barbeedoll says:

    I don’t LOVE your site. I love my family, my church and sometimes even my cat, but I don’t LOVE products. But I do LIKE y’all very much (sometimes even better than cat), and thank you for the contest.

  8. sue hieber says:

    you know, this is a great prize for an avid(let us even say fanatical) reader, BUT, i do not attend either facebook or twitter, because i believe they are WAY below any level of intelligence or society that i have or ever hope to achieve. so, i will (regretably,indeed,) not be enteringthis contest. thank you for thw opportunity. by the way, what makes you think taht anyone who spends their day on facebook or twittering even wants to win books? i guess you dont have to come up with a prize if no one enters. good thinking.

  9. Ann Council says:

    I think I did it all. I would love to win!

  10. Hans J. Pohl says:

    I enjoy the ease of ordering books on-line from BWB.The price and service is great and my current bookstore, Angus & Robertson in Melbourne does not know why I have not been ordering or using my account to buy books. BWB are current, up to date and most important have many university subject matter books. I love the “wishlist” too, even thou I don’t use it but once, it helps a 58 yr old to remember.

  11. Shannon B. Coward says:

    I LOVE BWB!!

  12. I tried to enter using Facebook. I could not find the “form”. I added that I “like” BetterWorldBooks but I don’t like Facebook and hardly use it. Too bad the contest isn’t just for those who purchase your books, like me, and not open to those who have never even purchased from you. :( But thanks for the opportunity and thanks for the great book selection! I hope someone really worthy wins the contest.

  13. Betzy Farmer Spiro says:

    Hi its Betzy. Ilove books

  14. Michael Grammer says:

    Love you guys! I tried to tweet everyday this year! I’ve a son with a voracious appetite for books. Hoping to win….

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