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Dear global customers,

From the beginning, we have had a goal to make Better World Books the world’s best online bookstore. A critical part of this has been affordable global shipping. As we have grown, we realized it became possible for us to offer our worldwide customers the same thing our USA customers enjoy: free shipping!

In order to achieve this, we have begun to take the weight of the books into account when we price them. This means that you will generally see paperback books being very affordable, hardcovers slightly more expensive, and some heavy textbooks significantly more expensive. Overall, you will still save an average of over 50% off the original prices on our used books.

We also have taken the opportunity to upgrade EVERY order to international priority shipping. In general, this will mean even faster and more reliable international shipping, although we were already upgrading some of you behind the scenes.

This is a big step, but it is just the beginning. We have plans for support for more currencies, more payment methods and even better delivery service for certain markets. Keep an eye on the site in this coming year.

Please write and let us know how we are doing. We love to hear from you!

Xavier and Kreece
Co-founders of Better World Books


  1. It’s just fantastic! Thank you for FREE International Priority Shipping!

  2. Milena Warnes says:

    Awesome! You guys ROCK! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you, yours, and to all of Better World Books!! 😀 😀

  3. Congratulations!!, and thank you very much for giving everybody the possibility of getting a great variety and good prices!, i ve bought lots of books online that i couldnt get here in argentina any other way

  4. waaaw what a christmas present! gonna try it just after holidays :)

  5. michele monk says:

    Love what you are doing, my family is in England, certainly making it easier for me to ship over there.
    Thank you for your vision for your Company

    Merry Christmas

    Love and Blessings

  6. Yes! What a great Christmas present. Now I can buy even more books. Thank you.

  7. Irina Durbala says:

    I’m from Romania and I’m ordering books regularily from BWB
    I’m thrilled with the free shipping for international orders – this means twice more books for me :))
    Great gift for Christmas!
    Thank you so much!! Love youuu!!!

  8. What happened to the ‘Bargain Books’? I am very disappointed that this is gone. I have purchased over $4,000 and most of it was from the ‘Bargain Book’ category. I am setting up my kindergarten classroom library and at $3 per book I am willing to spend my money. Please bring back this wonderful feature!!!

    Pam Trausch

  9. Great news! Thanks, from the other side of the pond! :-)

  10. That was such a great idea, books now are much more affordable, because sometimes the shipping was more expensive than the book itself.

  11. Caroline Brooks says:

    Just needed a place to say how very nauseating it is that Enviro-nuts must now feel the need to charge a “carbon free?” tax. While I chose NO!, it is both infuriating and unsettling that this ‘Global Warming’ insanity has gone so far.
    Since you are in the business of reading, may I suggest you all read, “Climategate” by Brian Sussman.

    May you be blessed by it.

    C. Brooks
    Belly of the beast: Bay Area, Ca.

  12. That’s great news! I just discovered BWB and I’m really amazed, here in Brazil we have nothing like it. Thank you.

  13. Mario Koppers says:

    All sounds warm and fuzzy. Yet, a book that I ordered and paid for last November has still not been delivered.
    In the meantime my e-mails inquiring after the book have simply gone unanswered.
    I also thought you were great guys – no longer.

  14. Mario, I’ve forwarded this to our Customer Care team and they should be in touch shortly.

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