Speaking Out by Not Speaking: BWB + Invisible Children

“How on earth will I be able to go 25 hours without saying a word? I still haven’t figured that out (and I know some of my coworkers have their doubts), but let me tell you what I do know: The Invisible Children Protection Plan is AWESOME, and it means huge things for protecting and rehabilitating LRA victims in central Africa.  So why am I participating in the 25 event? Because I can help raise money for The Protection Plan AND speak out (well, you know what I mean) against Joseph Kony’s war, all at one fell swoop! Get ready to join the movement, friends – it’s a beautiful day for changing the world!” shares Amy Clark, an Atlanta-based Account Representative for Better World Books.

Today, almost 100,000 activists all over the world are going quite to make a loud statement through their silence: the longest running war has got to stop and child soldiers must be redeemed!

The Protection Plan from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Many amazing individuals on the Better World Books staff are taking part in 25 today!

“I’m participating in Invisible Children 25 because I know exactly where my funds and efforts will go. Helping IC means helping end the LONGEST running war on Earth. I don’t consider myself a big talker but being silent so those without a voice can be heard is awesome! I talk to clients often so having an opportunity to inform them of the amazing things IC is doing this way will really help spread the message,” explained Catarina Gutierrez a Better World Books Regional Manager.

“I’m participating in 25 because I would like to honor Nate’s 25 years of life and his contribution to Invisible Children as well as bring awareness to the longest running civil war. It’s the little uncomfortable action that I can take to make a difference half way across the world!” Account Representative Kathy Marks says.

The efforts of “25” participants are helping Invisible Children build up their Protection Plan as the Lord’s Resistance Army moves from Northern Uganda and into the DR Congo, Central African Republic and Sudan.

“I choose to support Invisible Children because they are so deserving of our attention. Many organizations out there have good intentions–their hearts are certainly in the right place. IC stands out to me from this plethora of nonprofits because they are adequately prepared to take on practical solutions to improve the quality of life of the people they’re helping. They perform thorough research, they consider their options, and they construct the proposal that what will bring the most beneficial results. I mean–a radio communication system and a rehab center (which are both apart of the Action Plan that the 25 Campaign’s proceeds will go toward) are not ridiculous requests. It’s one thing to say, ‘I want to save the world,’ and it’s another to move forward with an impactful, but most importantly, feasible, agenda. IC practices great judgment and is successful at producing results. I know my contributions, efforts, and donations will be apart of something that works,” says Sam Lansford our Antique, Rare and Collectibles Specialist.

“While working at Better World Books allows us to do so much in support of our non-profit literacy partners, it’s so important to believe in their causes… participating in events like 25 allow us to make that happen and do more in support of an organization doing great things,” explains Joshua Fu, BWB Account Representative.

“Being a chatter box, 25 is HUGE undertaking for me. Try parenting without being able to speak to your kids! The reason I’m participating in 25 is simple: It’s amazing to be part of something that proactively save lives like the Protection Plan will. It’s also a great way to honor someone (Nate Henn) who selflessly gave everything he had to help others. In a way, I feel like a silent solider using the power of my voice; to speak out without saying a word,” Account Representative Stacey Bolnik says.

We partner with Invisible Children in many more ways than the 25 project. At Better World Books, we are dedicated to bringing education to these “invisible children” across Central East Africa – children who are kidnapped, raped and forced to kill in this 25 year long war. One of the most effective ways YOU can support our joint efforts is to make your books count for more by hosting a Better World Books drive, buying your books from BWB or even selling your textbooks to us to benefit Invisible Children. Become a part of the solution here: http://www2.invisiblechildren.com/bookdrive.

Our friends from Invisible Children came to our Atlanta office to show us their latest film, Tony. This powerful film brought tears of sadness and of hope to all of our eyes. After the screening, we swapped t-shirts in a celebration of our awesome partnership!

Check out the trailer for Tony:

Tony Bracelet: Trailer from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Another exciting way that Better World Books works with Invisible Children is through our Literacy and Education Action Program (LEAP). We have awarded Invisible Children with a $22,000 grant to implement their Teacher Exchange project in Northern Uganda. Our grant will enhance training and resources for six teachers affecting over 300 students, and this effect will expand over time. The program will bring six Ugandan teachers to the U.S. for a week long intensive teacher-training program after which they will return to their schools and spread what they’ve learned. Check here soon to hear how the teachers are doing.

Finally, we are so proud of our friends at Invisible Children for their presence on Oprah last week for the third time. You can see their interview with Oprah here: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Invisible-Children/1.

Thank you so much for helping us support these amazing initiatives across Central East Africa with Invisible Children. Keep donating and buying books at BWB to continue making the world a better place one book at a time!

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