Shop From Work Week — I mean, uh — Key Decisioning Factors in Making Forward Progress

Industry analysts widely agree that to really hit a task-driven home run, natural synergies must be achieved that [1] critically add value, [2] engage in total quality (TQM) management, [3] ramp up win-win productivity, and [4] aggressively pursue mindshare on a holistic level. OK, are all the supervisors gone?  Good.  It’s the second annual Shop From Work Week!

At Better World Books, we know our customers are a hard-working bunch.  We know that, but your boss might not.  So you know what?  Maybe you don’t need to tell her or him about this. Because we want to let you in on the most workplace-friendly sale of them all.  

Don’t get us wrong, the Shop From Work Week Sale isn’t about slacking off — it’s about doing twice as much in the same amount of time.  What supervisor wouldn’t want you to double your throughput? At the end of the day, you deserve a great price on a good book.  We’ve got both, and every book you purchase at, we donate a book to someone who needs it badly.

Make sure to check out our Shop From Work Sale today.

And on the off-chance that any bosses out there have read this far, let us make a case for loosening up a little this week.  Wouldn’t you want your employees to be accomplish more, lend a hand to someone who needs books, AND have a happier attitude at the office — all on your watch?  That’s some serious thought leadership on your part.  We’ll even let you take all the credit.

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