$15 Million Raised for Literacy

featured-15mil-smToday marks a huge milestone for us, for you, and for everyone who believes in the power of a book—as well as the potential for business to do real, tangible good in the world.

As of October 15, 2013, your purchases have enabled us to raise a cumulative $15 Million for Literacy.

Right on the heels of our biggest book donation week comes proof that the way you choose to buy books makes a difference for many, many lives. Part of the cost of the books you consume becomes funding for our Nonprofit Literacy Partners; for the libraries we’re proud to partner with; for the high-impact projects funded by our annual LEAP Grants (Literacy and Education in Action Program).

Was it really ten years ago that it all started with putting a few textbooks up for sale on the internet? Today we stand back and marvel at the momentum you’ve put behind good business.

Come see the state of the impact we’ve had together.

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