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Actually, Valentine's Day Can Go Jump In A Lake

Abigail, you’re totally right. An excellent Anti-Valentine’s choice.

Laura and Dr. Lev, it does have a “hijacked by big business” feel these days, doesn’t it? And yes, it seems like those other 364 days out of the year need to count, too.

It's Almost Valentine's Day, let's check out the 14 Awesomest Romance Novel Covers

Natalie, which version? I’m seeing a few of them.

Amy: Nor should you be! Any of these you can personally recommend?

Fighting to Bring Literacy to the World

This link will tell you all you need to know about donating or selling your books here at BWB! Thanks for asking – we appreciate it!

Want Free Books for a Year?

@Anne — you do have to “invite” people through the invite tab in the contest application. Alas we don’t have anyway to track other invites, but we still appreciate those! :)

2010: A New Year a New Decade - Part 2

If you are in either the Atlanta, GA or South Bend, IN areas you can look for one our big green donation bins: Or if you want to go through our online donation process – go to

Better World Books Podcast: Jodi Picoult

Nancy — I am so sorry you experienced problems with our service. I would very much like to help get this resolved but I need to get the email address that you used to place your order. Please feel free to email me directly with your contact information and I will make sure you are taken care of. dbarrett at betterworldbooks dot com.

Fabio — Thanks for your kind words! We appreciate the support.

— Dana

We found a new way to support our Non-Profit Literacy Partners

I think it’s more like corporate America benefiting while still managing to do good deeds. The bottom line is that we are giving away part of the company in an effort to benefit our non-profit literacy partners. As stock option holders, our literacy partners will benefit as the value of the business grows.

Here are the details. Our non-profit literacy partners must earn these stock options by meeting their literacy goals. The nature of an option is the right-to-purchase shares at the current price (a.k.a. strike price – a low price per share) at a future date (when there is a high price per share). So the value of their right-to-buy will grow as Better World Books grows since the strike price never changes.

To be clear, we are GIVING UP part of our company so that our non-profit literacy partners will benefit as the value of the business grows. To Katie’s point, if big business ever tried to purchase BWB, this would act to preserve our mission, or at worst result in a windfall for our literacy partners.

Books on the Big Screen: Angels & Demons

Don’t be put off by the change. It’s minor and I really did think it worked better.

Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Gone Rogue

Hey Lara — I wish I knew! We’ll definitely let you know as soon as we do!

Escola Estrela do Mar (Starfish School)

Hey Mary Ann,

That sounds like a sweet gift! You can find their contact info here

Thanks for the kind words.