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Sobre mi: Dana Barrett, host of the soothing sounds of the Paging Authors Podcast as well as account rep in the ATL office, is a book lover and broadcaster extraordinaire. Before coming to Better World Books, Dana owned and operated an independent bookstore in the Atlanta area. She also hosts a local radio show where authors clamor to get in the door as they pass through town on tour. She's kind of a big deal.

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Paging Authors Podcast: David Sheff & Nic Sheff

I’m so glad reading Nic’s book was helpful to you. From what I understand, Nic is a very private person. That is what works best for him as he deals with his recovery on a daily basis. I believe the best way to get in touch with him is through his Dad at his website:

Book Review: Twilight

Thanks Veronica!! THE HOST is definitely on my list. I’ll give you my take once I get a chance to read it!

Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Gone Rogue

The movie Edward does look like James Dean, now that you mention it. Though I think he was appealing in writing before we even saw the movie version!

Book Review: Twilight

Hey Melissa — I don’t think Stephenie has any plans to be in Atlanta any time soon. I think our best shot is going to be whenever her next book comes out. I would think her book tour would bring her here to Atlanta. I do usually get wind of when authors are going to be here on tour, so I will definitely post about it if I find out she’s coming!