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Inspiration for #GivingTuesday

Sorry to hear that, Diane. That sounds like a browser issue. While viewing our website, try hitting Control+0 (Command+0 on a mac) and see if that resets your browser’s text size. If that doesn’t work, consider using a different internet browser or contacting us at Hope this helps!

Have you met our nonprofit partners?

Mary, you can either apply for a LEAP Grant (this year’s application phase begins soon, and we’ll link to it here and on Facebook when it does), or even apply directly for a donation of books on our website:

BWB Remembers The Books Of Our Childhood (3 of 3)

Fair enough, Kathy, and duly noted. Right now the application we use to power the voting system is a Facebook app. So while there is that constraint, the upside is that it makes for a more secure vote, while allowing people to spread the word about all these great organizations and their projects whether they win the grant or not. Thanks for submitting this feedback, and we’ll let you know if we expand those capabilities in the future.

Got a job that needs doing? Hire a Book Drop Box!

@P Bishop: Not yet! But we’ve got our eye on your state. You may want to bookmark this page as we continue to roll out Drop Boxes in new states.

BWB’s New Office Space in Atlanta!

Julian, thank you for your interest in supporting BWB! Normally, we’d point you toward our drop box locations, but as it turns out we are no longer able to accept encyclopedias or other reference books.

In the future, if you have any other books you’d like to donate, we recommend checking our Drop Box locations here:

Got a job that needs doing? Hire a Book Drop Box!

Bill, we’ve got some in the area, depending on where exactly you’re located. Here are all our Maryland locations at present. We are continually rolling out more locations, so we recommend bookmarking this page.

Giving them many worlds to live in: A great video on why Books for Africa deserves your vote.

Sarah, I’ve alerted Customer Care and they should contact you shortly. If you can let us know the order number, that would help expedite the process.

BWB’s New Office Space in Atlanta!

Thanks for contacting us, Richard. Someone should be in touch with you shortly.

Happy International Literacy Day

The sale goes until Thursday night.

To get overly specific, that’s September 15th, at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. Enjoy!

Free Shipping Worldwide

Mario, I’ve forwarded this to our Customer Care team and they should be in touch shortly.

Introducing Better Mars Books

@24 Good eye, Watcher. Fixed it. Thanks.