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Nombre: Rudy
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Miembro desde: 2008-09-29 22:56:55
Sobre mi: I'm an historian by training -- a medieval one -- and a theologian of the same ilk. I came to Better World Books from the midst of my doctoral studies, where I was focusing on the political ideas of Nicolas Cusanus and John of Paris. If you don't know what that means, no worries ... neither do I at times. What it DOES mean is that I love books. I have spent most of my life around books, mostly in libraries, mostly in OLD libraries. Think dark, damp caves; only the library just had bad lighting. It was a cool place... check one out sometime. At BWB, I focus my energies in and around our Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectable Books section, our Offline Sales Group, the mission of Better World Books and its integration into our corporate strategies and sustainability efforts. Bottom line: I have a lot of fun every day and hope that you can share in just a bit of that from our blog. Thanks for reading!

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