Books Coming and Going

It’s been a busy week in the Logistics office, starting and ending with a bang.Monday found the Campus Division Support Agent (myself) navigating a very large truck through the streets of Chicago to pick up 9 pallets of books generously donated by the Chicago Public Library’s Friends of the Blackstone Branch .The streets of Chicago never felt so narrow, but with the help of a few dedicated volunteers, especially Betsy Glynn, my navigator, and Dina Weinstein, our contact at the book sale, we were able to get about 9000 books boxed up and loaded in under two hours.Great job and thank you to everyone involved!

Now Friday has finally arrived, and we ended our week in the warehouse by sending our second shipment of approximately 18,000 college text books directly to the Kampala International University in Uganda .

10-13-06 001-resize.jpg

We have more of these direct shipments scheduled and we will try to keep everyone updated as they go out.In the meantime, everyone have a fantastic weekend, and keep those books coming!

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