Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Conferences

I have recently had the great experience of attending both the Virginia and Middle States Phi Theta Kappa Regional Leadership Conferences, in Morgantown, WV and Dundalk, MD. I was thrilled with the enthusiasm and motivation that I saw in the Phi Theta Kappa chapter representatives that I met. I met dozens of friendly and outgoing students and faculty advisors that are really geared up for this year’s upcoming book drives.

In addition to my excitement about how ready and willing the Phi Theta Kappa members are to support our efforts in raising funds to promote literacy, I was also very grateful for the open and friendly reception that I was given. My experience at these leadership conferences has been both fun and rewarding for me personally. In Morgantown I was included in talks and team building exercises and then invited to the James Madison football game by one of the chapter members. At the Middle States conference in Dundalk I had the pleasure of listening to Sister Claire, a professor from Boston University, give a lecture on the state of education in the United States, and her insightful thoughts on the need for a paradigm change in the American educational system. It was an awesome and inspiring lecture.

I have greatly enjoyed being able to personally get to know the Phi Theta Kappans in the Southern Mid-Atlantic Region. It has been a great experience for me, and also has produced some great relationships that are dedicated to supporting our mission of promoting literacy around the world.

Thank you Phi Theta Kappa!

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