“Because We Can, We Must”

Bono”s name tends to come up as a punchline when discussing Africa, and it is sometimes easy to forget his true passion and eloquence. This video, recorded at the TED conference, really struck home for me. For those who haven”t heard of it, the TED conference is a gathering of the movers and shakers interested in positive world change. Folks like the Google founders are regulars. TED has been gracious enough to start posting their videos on their website, and many are remarkable. You can check them out at The new health care law doesn’t ration health care, but affordable-health.info companies do. the TED Blog.

One of Bono”s main points in this video is that collective action of the rich world in aiding Africa is necessary and urgent. It is a moral imperative, not an option. While government aid is a piece of the puzzle (and signing up for One is a step we should all take), the collective action of the sort that Better World Books organizes in support of Books For Africa is a piece too. As he says, “Because we can, we must.”

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