FORGE Mwange Computer Lab Update

Laboratoire Informatique Safari

FORGE Mwange Computer Lab Update  

Dear Computer Lab Supporters:

It has almost been two months since our last encounter with an internet connection and there is much to update you on concerning the computer lab!   You last heard of the classes that were going well, our amazing computer teacher Francis, and the beautiful mural the FORGE painting group put up inside the lab.   Since then, our building, curriculum, and community outreach have all improved.

The computer lab now has an official billboard sign showing off its new logo and title. 

The building has also been enhanced with the addition of 3 DC energy-saver light bulbs, allowing students more practice time.   The computer lab has been so popular and students are so eager to practice their new skills that the lab’s schedule has become quite demanding.  Our solar panels don’t allow for non-stop power draw but we are able to have the lab open for about 10 hours a day Monday through Saturday.  Mornings and evenings are practice time, and classes are conducted during the day.   After receiving almost 250 applications for our second round of classes, the new group of 144 students was selected drawing from a variety of age and educational levels. We have also invited 19 members of the local Zambian community to participate in classes.

Our computer lab coordinator, Francis, has taken some of the exceptional students under his wing to teach them more advanced computer-use skills. And after receiving some computer textbooks from the Mulrow family, he is now expanding his own knowledge of computer hardware as well as webpage design and programming languages.

For students returning to the Congo we have a practical examination which they can sit for to receive an official certificate verifying their level of computer knowledge. Such a document can be very useful in gaining employment once they return to their homeland.

Managing FORGE’s many projects in Mwange has been a non-stop effort, however the energy of the community has kept us happy and healthy (with the occasional/inevitable new food that didn’t sit so well). We are comfortable here, knowing that we also have your support to rely on back home.

Amani na Furaha,
John Mulrow & Jolie Glaser

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