Peanut Butter!

Hi all,

I wish you could have seen the amazing smiles from my coworkers and the volunteers to think that a company BWB’s size came up with that much peanut butter.  … THEN for me to tell them there may be more.

Saturday the most remarkable part of the season (for my job) started… from here on out, we’re doing the distribution.  The essential heart of our program, where people come to us empty-handed and walk away with Christmas in their arms.

Anyway, [BWB’s Senior Manager] had mentioned that BWB may match what the employees had come up with.  To be honest, we did not have time to make an exact count, but I’d place it at around 340 jars.  If this is truly something BWB wants to do, thank you.

Thanks again for your participation in this,

Liz Fallon
Case Worker
The Salvation Army of St. Joseph County

Merry Christmas All!

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