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We’ve received several shout-outs from the blogosphere that I’d like to recognize.

The Worsted Witch, described as “the malformed love-child of my indecorous passions for knitting, sustainability, gothic horror, and illustration,” made the case for used book buying better than I ever have, imploring her readers to support literacy at

Booksiter listed as one of the top websites to find a good deal on your textbooks. They cited our Rapleaf Reputation (over 1,600 positive feedbacks as I write!) which we are pretty proud of. We currently have the top ranking in the world on the Rapleaf Reputation system.

Tiffany on MySpace is teaching her friends how to “Improve the world and be a Cheapskate at the same time.” She can’t get over the free shipping. I don’t blame her a bit.

Finally, author and historian Melissa March blogged about us a few days ago on Grosvenor Square .

Thanks to everyone for sharing the word!


  1. Hey, there,
    I thought I’d mention I also just plugged your site. I’m a novelist and book collector, and just posted about inflated shipping charges and the Better World alternative at my blog. See “Booksellers! Charge reasonable postage rates for a change!” at

    I wish you continuing good luck with your great store.

  2. Thanks so much, Deborah. We always try to do the right thing, so inflated shipping costs just don’t make sense to us!

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