Book Drive Scholarships Breathe Life Into Endowment Scholarship

On November 6th, 2006 the Texas Blazers officially established the Texas Blazers Endowment Fund. Texas Blazers, an honorary service and hosting organization at The University of Texas (Austin) is committed to a “hands-on” approach to service that includes high standards of academics and leadership.  This leadership extends into the community to places like Johnston High School, home to an at-risk student body. As Texas Blazers Chairman Andrew Limmer said, “Although the University of Texas is only ten minutes away, to many students at Johnston, it is another world. The Texas Blazers want to help end this disconnect and develop a better relationship between the university and East Austin community.”

For years, Blazers have served as tutors and mentors to students at Johnston High School in East Austin. To this end, Texas Blazers recently established a $25,000 Endowment through The University of Texas to offer annual scholarships to graduates of Johnston High School. A significant portion of the founding contribution is a result of successful Books For Africa Book Drives the last several years. Texas Blazers is proud to offer this opportunity for students at Johnston High School.  As Andrew Limmer said, “this is just a first step, and we hope others will follow our lead.”  The Blazers look forward to more successful BWB book drives in 2007 to continue raising money for this special endowment.

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