Show Us Some Love: Happy Customer Edition

Jill from our customer service department sent this on and suggested we blog it. We never get sick of fan mail, so here’s Josephine from Missouri’s e-mail:

Hi there

I have just got to tell you folks…..I have ordered many books in that last
4 years from Marketplace sources and Amazon since I began my theology
studies and you are BY FAR the most efficient and thorough and dependable. When you
are working on heavy duty research like they expect of us in graduate
theological education, you usually need your “source” like, oh, “yesterday” once
you figure out what the “all important source” is. And many of them are older
and hard to find. SO, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being THE BEST service
I have found. I wish I had found you back in 2003 when I started my studies,
BUT I HAVE FOUND YOU NOW and I am incredibly grateful.

Do you have a website that I can access that will get me to you directly to
check and see if you have any text(s) I am particularly looking for in the
future to make sure I can deal with you?

Thanks again and PLEASE keep up the great work….we depend on you.

We sure do have our own website, Josephine – check out for free shipping on every order.

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