Show Us Some Love: Customer Testimonials Edition

We ran a customer survey yesterday for, and have been amazed by some of the responses:

“I live in South Africa and my text books for this year would have cost me the equivalent of a months salary. At better world I literally paid a fifth of that for all my books and the quality was excellent.”

“As soon as I found out about BWB I began telling my friends to order from you in the future. If our money can not only purchase books but encourage reading programs, why wouldn’t we support that?”

The Better World Books philosophy matches several of my personal ethics very closely. I hate waste, I support recycling, I love books/reading/literacy and I support pragmatic, intelligent aid systems, especially those where the purchaser gains something of value as well as feeling they’ve helped others. Keep it up, folks. Peter Bryenton”

“I would recommend Better World Books, because your prices are good, you send orders out quickly; I love to read and feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to discover reading, so I love knowing that by buying from you I am helping that happen.”

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