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Hi All!!  I hope everyone’s semester is moving along beautifully and we’re all getting excited for BOOK DRIVES!!  I received this letter from an owner of Beat the Bookstore, and we at BWB thought it was so kind we’d share it with the world.  Beat the Bookstore is a rapidly growing used-book franchise; you might see one opening in your town soon!  Please take note, Better World Books and Beat the Bookstore have no contractual agreement; we are just two businesses with high hopes of making every book count.

Hello, Abby:
I actually donate to Better World Books through a student organization at Utah State University .  As I have gotten to know the faculty sponsor/designated adult for the Golden Key Club, she has told me about the club and how they work with Better World Books .  At the end of each buyback period, we truck the books to her office for distribution to you, I guess.

This actually works out great as a marketing and overall goodwill system for our store.  We are the only store in Logan that provides value for textbooks that don’t get used again, and it’s possible because of Better World Books . I’m actually working on putting up signage in my store to advertise this.  I know that the Golden Key Club receives payment for each book that Better World Books accepts, so the value is for all parties:

– Beat The Bookstore helps students get rid of their old books for a good cause
– The Golden Key Club gets an avenue for fundraising for their activities
– Better World Books gets to change the world through its programs

If you do have any signage, posters, or ideas of how to better publicize this relationship, would you be willing to part with it?  Any business owner worth his or her salt in this world has to be involved in doing something for those who are less-fortunate, and I’m glad that I’ve got a way to contribute to a better future in a small way.  If we can do more to promote Better World Books in the store, let me know.

Owner, Beat The Bookstore


  1. Alexa Seiler says:

    My school did a book drive for this charity and we now need the address to bring the books to. We’re in Utah and just want to deliver all the books we have. If there’s any way you could get me an address that would be awesome.

  2. Phil Sorberg says:

    Hi Alexa,

    You can contact me for shipping information.

    Phil sorberg

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