The State University of New York Conference

This past weekend was the State University of New York (SUNY) Student Government Association meeting (that’s quite a mouthful…). The meeting, taking place in Syracuse, NY this year had great attendance, with multiple attendees from almost all of the 64 schools within the New York public college system. Better World Books has a very strong relationship with schools in the SUNY system so it was great to see many of our reps in person.

The SGA’s at the SUNY schools actually carry a surprising amount of weight in decisions that get made for the schools as a whole, so to be involved with this group is an honor and it reflects the diligence and commitment of the individuals. Because of this, many of the groups that weren’t involved with us came for information and wanted to get involved, many of them through the SGA and through another one of the many groups they were involved in.

It was great to be there because I had the chance to not only meet many of the reps that I work with, but also had a lot of time in lunches or dinners to network and spread the word to a number of new campuses as well, outside of the presentations which I gave. It was a fantastic opportunity for people to hear about our mission and give feedback and encouragement to us and the people who work with us. We work with over half of the SUNY schools currently and with more events like this, that number will keep growing.

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