Better World Books Becomes a Theme-based English Lesson

Early April a young man named Ido had requested more information on Better World Books. My first thought was, ‘what a neat name, where does everyone get these neat names?’ It’s a common thought for me, because I am simply an Abby surrounded by neat names like Niko, Roselle, Yanna, Silvia, and Damara…

Well, it turns out that Ido got his neat name in Israel and he was contacting me on behalf of his English class at United World College – USA , a fascinating institution with approximately 200 students from 96 countries! Ido shared my information with his instructor, Anne.

When she and the class started looking at Better World Books’ website, they were excited to see we worked with literacy programs all over the world. The students were impressed that Better World Books is a self-sustaining supporter of non-profits, and with our zero-waste book processing and environmental efforts; but when they saw it had been founded and largely run by young adults like themselves they were really excited to get involved.

Seeing this, Anne worked with them to develop theme-based English lessons centered on Better World Books’ business model and how we support our literacy partners. The students did class presentations on their home countries and the education situation there; they made posters, flyers, and handouts outlining BWB and our partners and then shared them with the campus to advertise their drive. Their project culminated with an incredibly successful book drive bringing in close to 500 books!

Anne told me later, “The thing about these students is that they’re really smart, and very committed to social change. They were very interested in the project, the business aspects, the world aspects, how we choose who gets educated in our world.” From where I’m sitting, it’s true. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding us! You guys did a great job!

Thank you, Anas – from Jordan
Thank you, Ayano – from Japan
Thank you, Esteban – from Paraguay
Thank you, Gnagna – from Senegal
Thank you, Ido – from Israel
Thank you, Jonathan – from Guatemala
Thank you, Lina – from Colombia
Thank you, Maris – from Casta Rica
Thank you, Mobeen – from Afghanistan
Thank you, Muhammad – from Indonesia
Thank you, Octavio – from East Timor
Thank you, Oudam – from Cambodia
Thank you, Porfia – from Angola ….
And thank you,, Anne – from England!

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