Another Chapter Written

Excitement is in the air! Exams are ending, computers and clothes are getting moved back home and gowns with matching hats are being worn around campus and (in the Northeast) all of this is happening in the much missed sunlight. What’s also happening on campus in all the hugs and packing? Better World Books. On over 1000 campuses students are going to bookstores and when they can’t get those books sold back they are putting them in donation boxes, and bookstores are packing cartons with books with new editions. Everyday I get an email from a school either saying “we have 75 cartons to ship” or “we have 10 cartons to ship” or my favorite: “I’ve heard about your program and we’d love to work with you next semester!”

This is the best time of the year, for many people the culmination of 4+ years of hard work. But amidst all the excitement it’s important to remember the people who make all of this possible. As for me I’m thankful for those students and teachers and bookstore managers who have stayed with us through the years, the students just starting and making time to do the right thing, and my own coworkers for making my job one that I enjoy and can do with pride.

Regardless of where you are today, drop those books off, pick up the phone and thank Mom and Dad, and good luck to all of you. Have a great summer!

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