Congratulations to Irving Steel!

Mr. Irving Steel from the University of Georgia.  Irv went above and beyond for the ‘Book Drives for Better Lives’ Program on campus.  As you can see from his summary below he is most definitely deserving of this Leadership award!

…I started to gather group support for the project through my fraternity of almost 100 men.  I posted messages on bulletins for large classes through our online system, WebCT and I posted messages to the different list serves

…After the fall drive, I recruited other groups to help make the spring drive bigger and better.  I organized what each group was going to do and divided the campus for our groups to have a better drive.   I wrote an editorial piece for our student newspaper that has a huge readership. I spoke at several meetings throughout the year to promote the drive.  I was in contact with the assistant to the President,  I was in contact with the head of  Residence Life…  I put up posters in high traffic areas and I was able to get our informational/planning meeting on the UGA front page.

The planning meeting was great to facilitate brainstorming for the drive and we presented a powerpoint to student volunteers.  I contacted a member in our student government to help me with the facebook event to get many student government leaders involved and help them to spread the word.

I learned a tremendous amount from working on the book drive and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to help others. I believe we have a great opportunity at UGA to create an extremely large drive which could turn into a campus movement. I have been mentoring some freshmen TEP to take over the drive and I made sure to thank all those who helped our drive so that those who helped will be inclined to do so in the future.”

-Irv Steel

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