Show Us Some Love: UAE 7 Edition

Check this testimonial about Better World, our website for book sales, all the way from the United Arab Emirates! :

This website is a paradise for bargain hunters on books. The people managing this site come across as being very ethical: they sell at ridiculously low prices, especially older editions of textbooks, they stun you with an incredible shipping cost of USD 2.95 per book for international orders and also fund literacy with your purchases. I have lost count of the number of books I’ve ordered from them. Orders unfailingly arrive in 2 weeks to United Arab Emirates and the books are in the same condition as stated in the website. If they said there was a CD, you will get a usable CD with the book! As testimony to my good experience with Better World, I ended up buying a lot more books than I otherwise would have. I will put my hand on my heart and say this is a site any booklover should checkout before hitting the ‘Place Your Order’ button at or Barnes and Noble. You may never know what you are missing till you have visited Better World.

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