Better World Books Funds Shipment to University of Oran in Algeria

Martha Schouten, an English Language Fellow teacher at the University of Oran in Algeria , contacted Books For Africa (BFA), to see if BFA could help replenish their library with English language books after many years of neglect. Currently, the University’s books in English are dated in the 1980’s or before.

During the 1990’s Algeria experienced civil war and domestic terror. Since 1999 little has changed – militant splinter groups continue their campaign against the government, and the army continues its own campaign against the rebels, amid accusations of corruption and brutality. This has undeniably created an atmosphere of insecurity in the general population.

As over half of Algeria’s population are young people, there are many issues for Algerian students. These concern future job opportunities, information available (or unavailable) to them, and the extreme feeling of uncertainty in almost all domains of their lives. In spite of this, Martha’s students are so very eager to know as much as possible about the outside world, and to travel and study in foreign countries.

To aid the beneficiaries of BFA donations, Better World Books has created a special Fund for Books For Africa. This Fund is designed to pay for the shipping costs of these containers of books. The Fund paid $9,000 in shipping costs for this one container.

The 40-foot container of books will be heading out today to the University. It is the first shipment that Books For Africa has sent to Algeria! The demand for university books in Africa remains enormous.


  1. I believe that this is a great opportunity for students in Algeria, especially Oran university students.

    I studied in 1990 to 1996 at Algiers university where we witnessed and experineced a lack of books even in Arabic and Franch languages, without mentioning though books writen in English.

    I congratulate and thank you for this initiative.


  2. Thanks Salim, it has taken many people to make this possible but we believe that it’s important and that we’re making a sincere difference. It’s words like yours that help us to know how important the effort really is.

  3. A great action of generosity, I thank all the persons who contributed from near or far, in bringing Joy to readers.
    just one request, do former students of english have access to these books?


    • Hi fatema,
      I would be happy to answer any of your questions, sorry I haven’t been back to you earlier. I’m just not completely sure what you want to know? Are you asking if people who have already been taught English have access to these books? If that’s what you’re asking, then yes, they do. In fact, many of the books help people learn important mathematical and scientific concepts, in English.

  4. salam
    well this is such a great thing Better World Books has done.
    we students in Setif university feel a little bit jealous from orani students.
    hope that such step will reach us soon.
    we really need your help.
    thank you

  5. Rahima,
    If you forward your info to
    Jack [at] betterworld [dot] com

    I can’t promise that we can get books to you, but I can promise that I will forward the information to Books for Africa and we can see what can be done…


  6. hello,

    can somebody answer me

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