Smiling Faces in the Southwest

AaronI thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Santa Rosa School on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation in the Sonoran Desert.

Our day to day work at Better World Books often feels like just a regular business, so it is always exciting and enriching to be able to see the areas where the money we raise is actually used; it was a great reminder of just how necessary our work is.I spent my first day there doing landscaping around their dormitory, where many of the kids stay who come from afar. It was a hot, grueling day in the sun but definitely worth every minute of it when I saw the smiling children the rest of the week.

I was thoroughly impressed with the FACE program; it’s an innovative concept, bringing children and their guardians to the school together.  Parents and Grandparents could work on projects in one classroom, ultimately working towards getting their GED, while the children would work and play in another classroom.  All throughout the day, they had prearranged times for the children and their guardians to come together and the kids could immediately show what they were learning.  This approach that promotes education and family togetherness at the same time seems destined for success, making it enjoyable for all to come to the school daily.

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