Update: Better World Books Fund

Here’s a letter from Pat Plonski, the Executive Director of Books for Africa, with an email message from a recent recipient of a container of 35,000 books, which left the Books for Africa warehouse in July:
Helaya 005.jpg

Hey guys!  Just got this message from Guinea where a Better World Books Fund-sponsored container just landed.  As you see, they are very happy!   This e-mail speaks for itself.   The Better World Books Fund paid the full cost of this container ($9,000), so all of the credit is yours!  Thanks.



Hhhhhhuuuuuuurrrrrraaaaayyyyyyy! shouted the teachers as the container reaches Sabu campus. Yesterday was a sigh of relief with great excitement to see the accomplishment of this historic project.  You must feel very proud that your goal has been achieved. We thank you for creating such an environment that will touch the growth of many lives.

You will receive letters and pictures from all the schools that will benefit from this resources.

We thank you for being a family we can always count on. We have been and will continue to works towards our commitment of educating the children.

Thank you all.

Samuel Thoronka
Sabu International School
Conakry, Guinea

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