The Weather Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

I am lucky enough to be attending the 27th Annual Charleston Conference enjoying some of the best weather that the southeastern United States has to offer in November.  We have spent two days honing our acquisitions skills learning about weeding processes, approval plans and, most interestingly, RFID (IMO).

Thanks to Corrie Marsh, Associate University Librarian at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I learned that they are using RFID to indicate low tire tread, keep track of students and school buses, even pay for cover charges and drinks at bars in Barcelona & Miami.  That’s right, a bar owner in Barcelona has added an RFID reader that can charge your account for cover charges and drinks through an RFID tag surgically imbedded under your skin!  Check it out here  To take it a step further, China is planning to issue over 10 million RFID identification cards to individuals and 3 million RFID readers to the police to assist in crime prevention.

Is RFID going too far?

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