Using Your Searches to Donate Money!

I personally am a Google guy.  With the interconnected nature of Firefox/Camino/Safari/Internet Explorer and the famed search engine, there are many people who would likely agree with my decision.  Well if Google is your engine of choice, I have a great site for you, and if it isn’t your cup of tea take a minute to consider the following:

Search Kindly

Search Kindly is a site that uses Google to search
(comes up with the exact same results, notice:

search “Better World Books is awesome” on Google
search “Better World Books is awesome” on Search Kindly


Anyway, the reason you should consider the switch is because Search Kindly donates all of the money they make off of advertising to the programs that users vote on everyday (the organization of choice changes every month).  They are a non-profit “dedicated to the idea of micro-volunteerism and micro-philanthropy i.e. a lot of people doing a little is better than a few people doing a lot.”

They’re making money and sending it to some great places including Wildlife Direct, Invisible Children and Friends in Deed along with others.

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