Holiday Gift Ideas

As I wrote previously, the holidays offer a chance to give gifts with a little more meaning than that new “Best moments of Reality TV calendar.”  I also wrote about Charity Navigator but I failed to make the connection.  I”ve been searching through the blogosphere and I”ve been seeing plenty of suggestions for gifts to your coworkers, clients or like minded friends and there”s one that keeps coming up:  Note the fourth idea at this website: “Make a donation in their name to a charity like Kiva or Room to Read.”  That Kiva idea sounds strangely familiar… but how about Room to Read?  Did you know that for only $250 you can sponsor a girl”s education for a WHOLE YEAR via Room to Read?  Amazing!  $10,000 will construct a library and fill it with books, puzzles, games and furniture.  Seriously.

I”ve already elucidated why Kiva is great, and if you look around and listen then you know that all of our partners are fantastic but if you”re not sold, Riches for Good, an excellent blog about social responsibility did a report called “Seven Best Bets for International Giving.”  The report shows the only seven international non-profits that have both Fast Company”s Social Capitalist Award and Charity Navigator”s 4 Star Rating.  Room to Read Complete your Harvard Business brooklyn driving school profile which helps us learn more about you. is one of those illustrious seven!

If you”re not sure that people want gifts in their name so much as gifts in their hands, there”s still some great options.  Obviously you could buy a book from us where you”d be certain that portions of profit would go to our partners and that shipping would be carbon neutral (and free in the US).  But if you”re in the mood for something different check this out:

Flipanthropic is a company that sells flip flops through their site, Flipanthropy.  A new product comes out each year and the two founders donated all the startup money so 100% of your cash goes to support Room to Read and Women for Women International.

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