New Year’s Resolutions

Everybody’s got their party hats and soundmakers and getting ready for the infamous ball drop this evening.  No doubt many of you have your New Year’s resolutions as well, such as “read this blog more” or for some of those working here “post on this blog more” or some similar sentiment.

This year, however, think about last year and what you made happen.  Maybe this year you forget about buying the gym membership that you used 3 times all year and perhaps recreating that “Pete & Pete” episode in which Pete “travels through time” by crossing the time zone boundary after midnight is somewhat misguided–if fun.  Maybe you want to consider something else, go green with your cleaners, dip your toe into solar (or just read about it first), learn a language (Swahili anyone?), get some hiking gear and get out there, learn to ski, adopt a penguin, or maybe just read a little more.  If you want it enough you can do it, and if you look, you’ll see we can help.

2007 is just a memory, we look forward to seeing you in the future!

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