Carbon vs. Green

You’re in California and you have a business.  You’re trying to figure out how you can make a positive environmental impact despite the fact that you can’t get your computer network to run on the power created by the intern you’ve made ride an exercise bike attached to a turbine.

We’ve all been there before.

Well maybe we haven’t ALL been there before, but if you are allow me to make two suggestions I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.  For Better World Books’ purposes, since we aren’t located in CA and since we have a number of fixed costs related to UPS, we have to deal with the inherent carbon emissions created by our company.  We choose to deal with these emissions by making donations such that all of our shipments are carbon neutral, a reality achieved with help of the lovely folks at

However, if you’re a business (or resident, for that matter) of the aforementioned sunny left coast state, allow me to enlighten you (using renewable energy, of course, and a halogen idea bulb at that): Village Green Energy.

Village Green, created by three guys with great commitment and too much education, is a group that offers “REC’s.”  An REC, or Renewable Energy Certificate is a purchase that not only offsets the carbon that you create, but actually ensures that part of the energy you use is from a renewable energy source.  In that way, not only are you offsetting the carbon output of you (whomever you are), but you’re actually reducing the emissions that get into the air and simultaneously reducing your dependence on fossil fuels (look at you, you multi-tasker!).  First of all, imagine the impact you can create, just by making your own effort.  Next, imagine the kind of positive press that can create (if you don’t believe me, re-read this post a few times, it’ll start being clear…)

Get more info at their website.  Take a deep breath, doesn’t the air seem that much fresher?

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