Forget Eco House, try ECO CITY

Posted by Jack Hanlon, Northeast Regional Director

In the past I’ve shown you things about Eco houses, these homes are intended to be the pinnacle of green living.  If you think that’s cool, enter DONGTAN.

DONGTAN is the first of four eco-cities to be built in China with zero greenhouse-emission transit and self-sufficient water and energy systems(!) I’ll let “The Cool Hunter” take away the rest of the explanation:

The city is being designed around a series of village-style neighborhoods to make it pedestrian rather than car friendly. Dongtan will generate all of its energy needs from renewable sources, with zero emissions produced by the city’s vehicles. An energy centre will manage generation via wind turbines, bio-fuels and recycled organic material. A majority of Dongtan’s waste will be reused and organic waste will be composted or used as biomass for additional energy production. Human sewage will be processed for irrigation and composting, hence there will be no landfill waste sites. Phase one of Dongtan, a marina village with a population of 20,000, is scheduled for completion by 2010, while 80,000 people are expected to inhabit this bit of paradise by 2020.


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