Worldfund Student of the Month

Each month, Worldfund profiles a student helped by their program for their “Student of the Month.”  In the past we have featured a few of them, but now we will run a small feature each month profiling the lucky student in question.

Smile, Edith!

January 2008’s student is 4th grader Edith from Mano Amiga León in Mexico.
Edith also benefits from the support of her seven siblings, many of whom attended Mano Amiga.

Edith’s family has always had financial difficulties, but when her father died of cancer three years ago, the family’s already precarious situation worsened. Since that time, the grief-stricken children and their mother have struggled to survive.

A defining characteristic of Worldfund’s partner schools is the personal attention given to each student and his or her unique and often difficult circumstances. When Edith enrolled at Mano Amiga León, the school immediately provided her with special attention to help her cope with the loss and changes in her life. She and her brother also received scholarships that cover the costs of their books and class materials.

Because of her school, ten-year-old Edith is one of the few fortunate students to have an older sibling in college, and she is now acquiring the emotional and intellectual tools she will need to follow in her brother’s footsteps.

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