Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Christian Blue, Account Representative: I know I’m not the only one to get goosebumps when I hear his voice resonate “I have a dream” It’s always been that way, but it was not until I read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in college that I understood Dr. King’s strength of purpose and character.  It’s a true testament to why he led the movement he did.   Since any further attempt at describing his impact would surely fall short, I will leave you all with the attached letter (above link). I like to read it every MLK Day and it never fails to inspire.

Damara Catlett, Northern Mid-Atlantic Regional Director: There is so much to love about this picture (below) including the religious diversity in the background, the cultural diversity of the students, the BFA video playing (courtesy of Maura) and of course the posing-love it!

Jack Hanlon, Northeast Regional Director: Martin Luther King did what he did, and was who he was, for scenes like this: that students could sit together, regardless of color, class or creed and be together, to study, to share experiences and to work for a common goal: to help those in need and create a Better World!

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