High-Fives, Kareem, and Dominos

A few of us from the Library Team were recently in Philadelphia for the ALA Mid-Winter Meeting.  We had a great time high-fiving librarians, seeing our current clients, enjoying the ALA sponsored band, and meeting new libraries.

Me and the ALA Band

As usual, we had a tasting of the local cuisine.  Christian and I even had a surprising run-in on our hotel elevator with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who was in town promoting his most recent book On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance!

Doesn’t it look good??

Philadelphia was littered with sculptures throughout the city.  You’re never quite sure what you will run into around the corner.  At the base of one of the buildings, were HUGE board game pieces.

crush me!!

And although I didn’t get a chance to visit the statue, Philadelphia is of course home to the one and only Rocky Balboa.

“Yo, Adrian! I bought a book off BetterWorld.com!”

I look forward to the next conference and seeing everyone again.  Thanks to those who stopped by our booth and I hope you had just as great a time as I did!

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