Book Cemetary

I have a friend who is a special collections archivist who found some photos online and thought they would interest me.  In turn, I think they’ll interest you, although they will likely sadden you, maybe even enrage you to an extent.

The Detroit Public Schools Book Depository has been destroyed by fires and weather for over 20 years since the city chose to walk away and leave it to ruin.  Everyday here at Better World Books we deal in the business of getting resources to where they belong: to those in need.  Meanwhile, here in our own country, there are pallets full of unopened textbooks from Houghton-Mifflin, piles of unopened workbooks or trees growing in the waste.  How could a local government or a community’s leaders decide to let something like this happen?

The blog Sweet Juniper is responsible for this story and these photos, check out the full story there and get a little riled up, it’s good for you, and better yet it could be good for your community.

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