Show Us Some Love: Random Blog Edition

Yup, more love for  By mistake I entered into my google search instead of the web address bar and tripped on this blog.

“Sharing this from an RFF (Readers for the Future) posting by David Glen Anderson, repeated below. Sounds like a website worth supporting. I like the idea of books supporting good causes, and I like to see second hand books move on to new lives. (The book Dave talks about below isn’t Righteous Anger)

‘Before I left to attend Life, the Universe and Everything, I ordered one of the Golden Duck candidates from ( Fund literacy, care for the environment, and get a fair price on the books you want. 2 Million Used Books. Free shipping in the USA, $2.97 worldwide This book was not available new.

The book is in transit. I went to their website. For less than $30 I found about 8 books that I needed to fill in some holes. Some are exlibrary copies but when I cannot find certain books in my local bookstore exlibrary works. BetterWorld lists libraries et al that benefit by my purchase.

Dave Anderson’

([Dave]’s into all kinds of good books and good ways to make them mean as much as they can in the world.)”


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