Newbie Account Representative- Erin Gerber!

I’ve been in love with reading most of my life. My affection for the written word eventually translated into both a love of and career in libraries for most of my adult life.

Like most people who work in libraries, I love getting books into the hands  of those who enjoy reading as much as I do. Better World Books allows me to do this on a much larger scale than ever before—not only are we helping to get books into the hands of those in search of a good read around the world, we’re helping our Literacy Partners generate funds to create a new wave of avid readers.

I feel especially lucky to be a part of this unique company because I’m well aware of the challenge libraries face when it comes to their discards and donations. By offering libraries a socially and environmentally responsible outlet for their books that’s not only easy, effective, and free, I know we’re offering them a solution they can use!


  1. Kathy Ingram says:

    Good morning Erin. We spoke a few months ago about sending books to Better World and setting up an account with you. I represent the group Friends Of The Guelph Public Library in Guelph Ontario Canada. Our big used book sale is the weekend of October 25 and when it is finished we will be ready to send our books your way. At this point I need to set up an account t and get all of the information needed to complete this, packing and sending information etc. I also have a question regarding the Literacy Partners. Is it possible to use one that is in our community, called Action Read which teaches adults to read or one inGustemala called Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos? Looking forward to working with you. Let me know what my next steps are. Thanks. Kathy

  2. Hey Kathy, welcome back! I’ll give you a call in the next bit so we can catch up!

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