My Trip Across the US of A

You may have noticed that for the first time since August when I took over this blog there’s been a bit of a posting lull.  Two reasons come to mind: first of all, I’m traveling across the country by car with all my earthly possessions, from Boston to San Francisco.  Second, we’re redesigning the new, totally awesome blog, that’s going to launch (cross your fingers) next month.

On my trip, I’ve been to a number of fantastic places, including the St. Louis Arch, the Great Plains, Arches National Park and today the Grand Canyon.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Hoover Dam and crashing in L.A. (anyone have a place to stay?).  In honor of this I thought I’d find some books about each of them because seriously, if you’ve never been, go to them!  Tomorrow’s post will be chock full of great books about some of the landmarks that you should check out be you a visitor to the US or someone who lives here.  (The drive through the Rockies on I-70W is of the “life-changing” variety.  Unbelievable).

Also, meeting the incredible people I’ve met, in diners, gas stations, national parks and on the road helps keep me even more in touch with our mission of simultaneously promoting global literacy while lining your bookshelf.

By the way, if you’re traveling, may I suggest the “Lonely Planet” series.  They’re funny when they need to be and well laid out.  I lived in Ireland and traveled around most of the countries in Europe and without my guides I would probably still be lost in Germany somewhere.

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  1. I loved Utah! Next time I’d like to see Park City. It would be nice to go back. Utah Trips

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