Announcing Better World Blend Coffee!

Posted by F. Xavier Helgesen, Co-Founder

At Better World Books, we’ve built a business that is fundamentally based on the idea of reuse. With over 2 million customers choosing reused books over new, we have become an expert in finding new homes for old books. But why limit ourselves only to books? I sure can’t find a good reason, so it is with great pride that today I announce the launch of Better World Blend Coffee!

All around the country, coffee shops buy and brew the world’s finest coffee beans. But after only one brewing, all that coffee is thrown out, or at the very best, composted. Why turn perfectly good coffee into potting soil when people all around the country need a fair price on a good cup of joe? We will be launching a nationwide Coffee Drive to collect the country’s coffee grounds. Once back in Mishawaka, the grounds will be carefully combined into Better World Blend – a blend of delicious coffee (only used once! many of our books have been used five or six times!).

Better World Blend will sell for a mere $1.99 per pound (you can pre-order here). Compare that to the $10 a pound that your local shop charges for gourmet beans. And no need to grind those beans! Just add hot water, and you have delicious coffee, ready to serve. Of course, each pound of Better World Blend will taste a bit different than the last, but hey, that’s part of the charm.

Better World Blend will not only usually be delicious, but will have an important social mission. Our nation’s under-tipped baristas are struggling to make ends meet. With each pound of  the Blend purchased, 38 cents in change will be dropped in a local tip jar of your choosing, allowing our nation’s baristas to fully pursue their dreams of becoming graffiti artists and covering Jack Johnson songs at open mike nights.

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