Campus Shout Out: UBC

UBC is one of my new schools (through my recent acquisition of Canadian schools) and this school values literacy.  UBC has worked with Better World Books to support Books for Africa since fall 2005 and has sent – you may need to sit down – 1,885 cartons of books!  All of the campus bookstores participate during buybacks; additionally, FORGE, Golden Key and the Medical School have all participated!  This spring, Golden Key and the UBC Bookstore are carrying the drive, and so far they have shipped 136 cartons!

To promote the drive, Golden Key created an excellent website that outlines the types of books they collect, where the donation sites are, and who can be contacted with questions.  I recommend all students interested in coordinating a drive check it out as it is a great, efficient way to share information on the book drive:  If you are located at UBC and would like to donate books, you can find donation bins in the following locations:

*Outside the entrance to the David Lam Library
*Outside the entrance to the Education Library
*Inside the Abdul Ladha Science Centre
*Inside the lobby of the Gage Residence Towers

Best of luck this semester, UBC; your dedication to sharing literacy and reducing waste shines as an example to campuses around North America!

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