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OK, ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Jack, what did you expect me to do while you were gone?  How can I go on without a BetterWorldBlog update?” and I hear you, I do.  Trouble is, with the awesomeness that was Chicago this weekend, I was real busy, don’t worry, we’re going to work through this, and let me tell you how.

First, I made you some things, interviews and stuff that are going to be on the new site.  See, I still dig you.

Second, I’ve got photos to prove I was at work, they’re not all up yet, but they’re comin, just you wait.  In fact, I’ve got video.  Yup, video.

Third, there’s more exclusive content coming, just for you, because we’re going to do this together.  By the way, have you seen lately?  I’ve been real busy, but I think it’s coming together.  I’m doing it for you reader.  Did Van Gogh’s screaming alien people complain that his masterpiece was taking too long?  I think not!

Your bookstore loves you,

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