ReUse First

A new program that Better World Books is offering to waste management and recycling centers is called the Better World Books ReUseFirst Program.  The idea is that there are plenty of books that still hold value and end up at our local recycling centers to be destroyed.  What we would like to do is use our new PreScreenReUsed” before they are sent off for recycling.  In the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle chain, this is a better solution for the environment, not to mention our company and our literacy initiatives.  feature to sort out which books can be “

Feedback among the waste management community tells us that there is a great deal of excitement about this new program offering.  Most waste management centers have a longstanding commitment to the environment and appreciate the opportunity to keep these books in the market as opposed to sending them off to be pulped.  While the ReUseFirst Program does require and extra step in sorting, the program is free and in many cases can return revenue for the materials we receive.

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