Hippie 2.0?

News source Profy.com has an article by editor Cyndy Aleo-Carreira about us, entitled: Hippie 2.0: Better World Books Is Proving You Can Make Money Being Green:

There are those who would assume that running a business that keeps old textbooks out of landfills, takes those books and sells them at a low price, and then buys carbon credits to offset emissions that result from shipping those books is actually a charity. How could a company ever make money by trying to do good things for the environment? Better World Books is out to prove those doubters wrong.

Read more over yonder.

[ed. note: Now I know the betterworld.com team isn’t far from Haight Ashbury but as a New Yorker I resent this hippie tag, harumph.  (kidding!  thanks for the support, Cyndy!)  However, we’ve actually raised $4.5 million, not just $2.75 (the difference is the money we’ve raised for libraries)!]

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