Sore Back-Back Home-Home Runs

This week will be reports and pictures from the Better World Books Warehouse (or “Green House” as we know it) in South Bend as we conduct our yearly meeting week.

Sorry about the title, I think I’ve been watching too much “Wheel of Fortune” so the “Before and After” thing was in my head…  In any event, let me explain:

When I was hired, eons ago Abby Rae LaCombe (current Rocky Mountain + Canada RD) and I cruised to the Green House and were instructed in the ways of the force, errrr book acquisitions and company policies.  But also, to make sure we understood the challenges of working in the warehouse we spent a day scanning books (a monumental task, each person here scans 110-160 per hour!) and sorting heavy boxes, and let me tell you, I was sore afterwards.  Coming back and seeing “job sharing” on the schedule I was slightly concerned for how I’d feel like an old man tomorrow trying to get myself out of bed.

After getting out we were ready for fresh air and rolled over to the local park with refreshments and a grill, but most importantly, large red balls for KICKBALL!  The showdowns were fierce, the refreshments were cold and seeing everyone was fantastic.  After I was assaulted by a young assassin with a water gun and schooled on the kickball field (notice the picture below, who hurts their shoulder playing kickball???  I seriously must suck), I decided it was time to stick to the grill area and engage in Better World Books #1 out-of-work pastime, ultimate frisbee.

It feels good to be back “home,” if only for a week.  Burning the candle at both ends… commence!

(The Acquisitions Team (Atlanta, represent!) fresh off drinking the company kool-aid in the veritable “War Room,” emails and calls their contacts, furiously trying to get books in)

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