It’s Business Time

This week will be reports and pictures from the Better World Books Warehouse (or “Green House” as we know it) in South Bend as we conduct our yearly meeting week.

It’s business, it’s business tiiiime.”  OK, so we didn’t have Flight of the Conchords, but what we did have was some ideas that are going to blow your doors off, no question.  We’ve got great new moves happening with new ways to get books and new ways to get money for our partners.  Further we’ll be working on more ways to maximize your savings, getting you better books, cheaper.  More updates on those things as we roll them out (OK, I’ll tell you before anyone else, but sssshhhhh)

Yesterday we spent tons of time in department meetings and then had updates between departments and to suggest that people are excited really doesn’t scratch the surface.  However, fatigue after a week of meetings was setting in, so last night we had to unwind.  After checking out a new surprise (can’t tell you yet, I want to so bad but I can’t!) we rocked karaoke including a rousing “Under the Bridge” from founder Xavier, a dominant (and prize winning) performance from Brad, and most notably instead of “The Online Bookstore with a Soul” the Atlanta office made sure we were “The Online Bookstore with Soul.”  Perfect.  After I rocked a Jay-Z track (I’ve got 99 problems but a blog ain’t one…) we were off.

Today we had a day of service that was simply awesome.  I’ll let Rudy write about it and show you his photo taking prowess later in the week…

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